About Jybe.gg

My name is Sam Muldrow, and I'm the creator of Jybe.gg . I created Jybe.gg because I always found sending files from your phone or computer back and fourth to be a pain.

Emailing yourself is too slow, and uploading to other file hosting sites just takes slightly too long if you want to share one file.

The purpose of Jybe.gg is to kind of have a twitter feed with yourself. Just quickly pop photos, files or links in Jybe.gg and upload them, and they will be available on all your devices.

About Me

I'm a computer science student at the University of New Hampshire, and a techinican at the UNH Interoperability Laboratory. In my free time I enjoy listening to hip-hop, drawing and painting, and working on projects like this one.

If you like my work or find it useful, don't be a stranger! Buy me a coffee so I can keep on working :)

This project is also open source! And if you are interested in contributing click this link: